Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Tale Of Heidi

Heidi’ is the tale of a little girl who lived on the Swiss Alps. Heidi was a lovable child. She was an orphan and was brought up by her aunt Dete till she was five years old. Then her aunt decided to leave her with her grandfather, an odd personality.

When Heidi came to live with him, the grandfather underwent a change. Heidi took delight in Nature. She loved the mountains, fir tress, flowers, birds and goats.

However, her aunt again took her away to Frankfurt to get her employed. Heidi became playmate of a rich, but crippled child.

Although, the two girls get along very well, Heidi craved for the beautiful mountains and her grandfather. She was sent back to the mountained. But she retained her friendship with Clara, the crippled child.

Clara too came to the mountain and was cured of her ailment. She was able to walk due to the loving and caring attitude of grandfather.

Heidi is a tale of love, friendship, care and happiness…

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Sharifah Hassan said...

nicely done. Job well done. Congrats